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, proving there are still great parts in hollywood for meryl streep over 60. matthew mcconaughey did amazing work this year for his role in dallas buyers club, he lost 45 pounds or, being in a movie -- or what actresses called "being in a movie. >> that is great. robin wright accepted the award as best actress in a tv drama for her role in "house of cards or co- -- cards." >> "house of cards post quote an "orange is the new black." netflix will not feel so smug when snatch that is appear in a few years excepting west drama. -- asked drama -- accepting best drama. >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. it is the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and i then spend one more minute with a woman his own age. [laughter] [applause] >> fashion is always a big part of the golden globes. if you like what you saw, we have got an app or you. you snap and search and then you get to buy. the cofounders explain how it works. >> developing the technology now for about six years. we're basing the university in ireland. i did a phd in this area. i have worked in the recognition
. >> meryl streep so brilliant proving there are still great parts in hollywood for meryl streeps over 60. >> "gravity" nominated for best film. it's a story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> did the two women inject too much estrogen. according to kyle smith the show could have been called girls and wants a male host back. >> there is a lot of tradition of trying to get ahead of the comedy. if you are fat you make a fat joke first. they felt all of the jokes had to be about women. why can't the jokes just be funny. >> you said the show delivered the largest audience in ten years, how can you complain about that? >> if the golden globes want straight men like me to watch it they have to realize there are two reasons people watch, one is masculn and one is feminine. the girlie reason is look at the pretty dress. the masculine reason is because five lawyers go into the forest and only one can emerge with the bloody trophiy. there are winners and losers. >> what show are you watching? people watch for the
. it contains more profanity than any other movie in hollywood history. >> many consider globes a dress rehearsal for oscars we'll bring it to you live on abc7 morning news, you can see who wins on oscar sunday, march 2nd here on abc7. >> if you're a fan of abc's hit show "the bachelor" you know it's juanuary. abc7 news caught up with batchelor at the center of it all, juan pablo. the most eligible bachelor is on the prowl for a soul mate. will the 32-year-old strapping venezuelan find her? he says she has to love children. >> when you don't have rhythm and that, when you play music there is something inside of you that makes you dance, makes you move your hand. if you don't have that, you try to teach it, it's very hard. >> juan pablo says he thought about leaving the show several times saying he just wanted to give up and go home. you can watch the drama unfold tonight and every monday night at 8:00 right here on your bachelor station. >> you can't go home. it's juanuary. >> come on. buck up. >> just ahead long time congressman george miller with a big announcement. >> first bridge ga
emphasis. it just isn't. hollywood doesn't sort of try push that issue. families intact are better. >> definition for generations did you spend more money than the other guy. that's why our deficits are so high and our problems are unsolved. they are asking the wrong question. common sense just tells you that this is the area that you need to focus if you really want to help children and if you want to help the families escape poverty. there is no one more articulate or better on this issue or would be than president obama who has talked about this in several of his speeches. he hasn't really invested in it or fossilled up in it but he does talk about it he has urged fathers to stay home. evidence has talked about the importance of two parents raising children. he defied the odds because he was brought up by single mom and grandparents and became president of the united states. this needs tore to be a real moral crusade. this is a value-laden fight it is much more values than economics, interestingly. as i said, can you raise taxes all you want and try to give that money to somebod
. hollywood awards season is in full swing. last night, the stars were out in force for the 71st annual golden gloves. -- golden globes. a few of the top winners seemed to be shoe-ins, but there were a few surprises as well. >> and the golden globe awards goes to "12 years a slave." >> seven nominations come but it took home only one prize -- the big one. steve mcqueen's saga based on the story of a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into the coveted award for best drama. "american hustle" is now an oscar front-runner after claiming three awards, including best actress and best supporting actress. australian cate blanchett was named best actress in a drama. >> i have a few vodkas under my belt and here we are. >> leonardo dicaprio snagged best actor in a comedy for his role in "the wolf of wall street." >> i have to thank mr. martin scorsese. then queue for allowing me to stock you into making this movie ou into making this movie. >> best director went to alfonso cuaron for "gravity," starring sandra bullock and george clooney. the prize for best foreign- language film was given to an i
're hosting the golden globes for our second time because this is hollywood. >> amy pohler and tina fey shine at the golden globes. >> it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one minute with a woman his own age. >> enjoy it while it lasts netflix. you're not going to be feeling so smug in the next few years when snap chat is accepting best drama. >>> the number two trender, tapped out. >> there is a big crisis after a chemical leak. >> some families are struggling to feed and bathe their own kids. >> west virginians are continuing to suffer from water woes. >> west virginia american water will begin giving the green light in zones. >> we can hold up. >>> today's top trender, on the line. >> three million americans who stopped received their unemployment benefits two weeks ago. the clock is ticking. 1200 bucks doesn't go very far. without these essentials, job hunting is almost impossible. congress stalls on renewing unemployment insurance. john boehner is a major obstacle. if congress doesn't act, the white house says 4.9 million americans coul
. the blaze has been contained but is not yet quite under control. from australia to hollywood, the awards season is heating up. >> "american hustle," got the most awards, but the much more serious film was the biggest surprise. >> welcome to the 70 first annual golden globe awards. >> hollywood knows how to put on a good show. this year was no exception. johnny depp announced the winner of the war for best motion picture. >> it goes to "12 years a slave ." >> steve mcqueen one with "12 years a slave." a searing drama about racism and slavery in the united states. it is based on the true story of solomon northrup, a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 19th century america, suffering for 12 years before regaining his freedom. the film received nominations in several categories. "american hustle," collecting three awards. amy adams won best actress for her role. best supporting actress went to jennifer lawrence. she was a big hit with the audience. >> the women this year, it is such an audience. >> alfonso curaon picked up the most direct gravity -- gravitas for his fi
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of these movies. >> i'm not one to say, big, bad, hollywood, get back to '30s and '40s, but i think, especially in something like the ratings -- this was rated as an r movie. it was not. it was ma movie. and that's a big difference. >> this gets big awards and a lot of them and a lot of distinction the movies you like, father, do not. so, you obviously preach to the young a lot. how do you persuade them that there are other awards worth striving for. >> we have to persuade talented people to make wonderfully, beautiful, good, -- good art that gets a message. inside lou and davis. a movie out right now. it wasn't like a christian beautiful, wonderful film, but i walked away going this guy, the man actor, was just a mediocre guy and was portrayed as not being a good thing. wasn't good at singing or loving or -- and so at least you have an underring, this is not something i want to be like. you didn't get that from wolf of wall street. >> you've did do mass confession for everyone in that movie theater. >> did you see it? >> i movie theater. >> did you see it, neil? >> i did. >> you gave money to
globe award for his role in "wolf of wall street," but outside hollywood jordan bell fort squaring off with a u.s. attorney. charlie gasparino has the latest on that, he's going to tell us why. and, listen, we're about the business of people. charlie's on that story. and anybody out there want a bentley? turns out even the super rich occasionally have to turn to a pawnshop to fund their high roller lifestyle? details on that nextment. ♪ ♪ as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% sh back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! what's in your wallet? he has the most my dad hacommon kind...llation,'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says yourst my dad haafib puts y
it was 47 years ago the hollywood foreign press gave me a promising nomination -- a promising newcomer. you have nominated me five times. any way, scottish background to the front. >> so two reactions i have. first it was what is going on right now? this is the strangest speech i have ever seen and other is this is about the most amazing speech i had ever seen because you don't know what will come next. you don't take your eyes off the screen. what i find most entertaining is actually reading it all happen via twit ter and hear what peope had to say. owen said she probably shouldn't have taken mushrooms for the first time tonight and my friend david tweeted i'll have a jackie bisset. we had nick that said dicaprio should get an award. i love how they cut speeches short as if we have anything better to do. and i saw ari tweeting up a storm. she does nervous exceptionally well hash tag jennifer lawrence hash tag golden globe. you were all over the place. >> ari did a lot of tweeting last night. you're right, it does undermine some of the credibility for "brooklyn 99" to beat "girls." >> did a
.e.a.l.s. >> hollywood has gotten a pretty bad rap in the past with the claim that it basically ignores middle america and that was not is case here. and states with a big military presence, as you showed on your map, definitely had a huge impact over the weekend. i don't know if that was by design in making this film. but peter burg, he was the producer and the director of this film. he certainly knows how to appeal to that audience. friday night lights had a very big and loyal audience in that part of the country as well. it was much more about heroism and courage than it was about foreign policy which i'm guessing helped it's appeal all across the country. >> lone survivor is the name of the film. >>> a powerful ad featuring some pretty powerful women. i will talk with one of these women next. but first, one los angeles laker holds two nba championship rings, two silver medals but some of these biggest wins have been a off the court. on today's impact your world. >> reporter: wind gusts, 235 miles an hour. >> in 2013, one of the biggest typhoons in recorded history struck the philippines, killing t
who wins oscar sunday. >> and there in hollywood, everybody gets to walk the red carpet. nice weather, no rain. i'm sure the stars were happy about the no rain thing. >> i have to say no good news here as far as the rain goes either. we had a little bit saturday. and as expected, it wasn't enough. 3 to 4 inches up in the sierra. that helped slow the growth of the bulging deficit of lack of snow up there, but it didn't do anything a to really help it much at all. 16% now of average just for this year. take a look and show you what's going on. a little breezy up here. it's a nice breeze if you're outside. let's talk about what's going on as far as live doppler 7 hd. a crisp breeze would be the best way to put it. everything is quiet right now. so what we're going to do is move forward and talk about some of our temperatures around. look at how much warmer we are, like all the 60s around the bay shore. you're close, 59 and 58. the cool spot, fairfield at 52. look at these temperatures. 11 degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. half moon bay, the only place really cooler is fairfield, but
hollywood foreign press want to look at. scale back at the amount of champagne they put on the tables. there was some speeches last night and presentations that were -- not to jump to conclusions but it appears some of those folks may have been under the influence of something. >> the reason for that is you don't see this on tv but they serve dinner at this event. they start serving at 3:30 in the afternoon in los angeles. so by the time all of the guests arrive in the ball room, the tables have been cleared and only thing on the table is lots and lots of alcohol. so they've done a long stretch on the red carpet and then they come into the ball room and they drink a lot and i don't think they mean to get drunk but some of the actors do. >> kind of like the hosts of "the cycle" here on msnbc. >>> still ahead, our "news nation" gut check. the contract for the new president of alabama state university is raising a lot of eyebrows for a clause that restricts her love life. we'll explain on the other side of this break. [ female announcer ] it figures. on your busiest day, you see the gray
and smelled like licorice. >> still to come on the news hour. >> and the golden globe goes to: >> hollywood kicks off its annual award season with the golden globes. have all the highlights. and novak djokovic has a winning turn, >> start with one issue education... education... >> welcome back. the canadian province of quebec is considering banning employees from wearing religious symbols in the workplace. divided a population. daniel lack reports from montreal. >> montrealers with big dreams. two women want to work in the public sector helping others. but there's a problem. quebec wants to stop workers from wearing religious symbols like hajabs. >> aimed at jews and christians, i'm not going to choose between religion and work. absolutely, that's not how the law should be. >> this is what they're talking about. it's from an official government document and basically it says if you work for the civil service you can't use nakabs or hajabs, it is called the charter of quebec values. at public consultations around quebec, the minister responsible says quebec can't favor one religion over ano
for people who never saw that. you want smart people in the new blog -- the new hollywood, stevie van zandt is your man. >> that was a good interview. now it is time for the bwest byte, one number that tells a whole lot. sam, you are part of the byte today. what have you got? >> 191 million. a research firm called avi estimates the number of paid subscription users around the globe will get to that number by 2019. we are nowhere near that number right now, but we say this the team behind beats by dr. dre came out with their own music service. they are going after that -- those people that might be willing to try something other than spotify. >> i am a lazy listener. i am a laid back kind of girl. i like pandora. i don't like to do too much. but you listen to all of these things. >> i do, but then again, it is sort of my job to. for all of the streaming services out there -- remember, it is spotify, artie oh, google, sony. no one has cracked it, and i think it is something to do with ease of use. you go to some of these or sophisticated services and they seem to have modeled their interfaces
of one big film i think it will be fragmented but hollywood decides the message of slavery is bad that is why it deserves. >> american household continues to get good reviews. >> by hollywood wants the big are rated movies? ashley: that is ridiculous. tracy: what about diane keaton and woody allen? >> i was okay with it but then i felt i was back in an romper room. ashley: that is when we lost her. coming up detroit is back and the car makers are live from the detroit data show we will sit down with our mulally president and ceo of ford to talk about his lighter and more fuel efficient truck built almost entirely out of aluminum. subaru hopes to take:more then the eco types. straight ahead. don't go away. life's an adventure when you're with her. and it always has been. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go freq
for them to laugh. it was hollywood's biggest night, did tina and amy steal the show? >> matt dameon is here from behind the candle abra. on any other nature in any other room you would be a big deal. but tonight, don't take this the wrong way, you're basically a garbage person. >> good monday, i'm peter alexander live in washington and for my friend andrea mitchell, a new week begins with a new set of problems for new jersey governor chris christie. state subpoenas and investigative committee and federal audit, more national headlines. joining me now for our daily fix is chris cillizza and live in trenton, new jersey, nbc's kelly o'donne o'donnell. kelly, today we learned there's going to be a special investigative committee solely focused on the bridge with subpoena power. you sat down with the assemlyman who will lead it, john wisniewski, how significant is this announcement and what can we expect? >> i just came from the announcement that they made and raced over here to be able to tell you first, peter, what they've said is they created this super committee which means it is pul
command, you know, at one time i know there was something like ten hollywood movies either in theaters or in development of just about navy seals alone. the command has doubled in size, its budget has more than tripled, now deployed in more than a hundred countries. admiral mcraven has a great line which is everyone was really attracted to the osama bin laden raid, and he said, actually, it was a very standard raid, we did 11 similar raids that night this afghanistan. and the ability of special operators combining using intelligence collection and going after time-sensitive targets is just changed exponentially. and everyone you talk to in the special operator's world will tell you this. i can go in some detail if you're interested in a case study i studied very closely where in the her of 2002 the bush administration almost authorized a strike in northern iraq which was againstal sa ca by who later -- al-zarqawi where he was living, and they almost went after him, and it was a complete disaster from start to finish. they had months and months to man, and they never had confidence in t
for the second time. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> because this is hollywood and if something kind of works, they'll just keep doing it until everybody hates it. >> we'll get to all of those stories in just a moment. we start here as details continue to emerge about the george washington bridge scandal involving members of chris christie's senior staff. another potential scandal has now surfaced. the department of housing and urban development is investigating $25 million in federal money the state spent to promote tourism to the jersey shore in the wake of superstorm sandy, including a commercial that features christie and his family. christie administration responded to this investigation about an hour ago and they said in part, quote, federal agency reviews are routine and standard operating procedure with all federally allocated resources to ensure that funds are distributed fairly. we're confident that any review will show that the ads were a key part in helping new jersey get back on its feet after being struck by the worst storm in state history. that's where the governor's claim that he k
. hollywood kicking off the 2014 award season with the golden globes facing major competition as networks put up the best programming in the same time slots. this and more in "markets now." stocks are tepid, but at least they are not plunging. sandra: this is still the wait-and-see mode. that is holding everybody. dennis: are more worried with the recent job number. sandra: stocks every 15 minutes. a slow start for stocks this week, but merger monday in full effect right now. >> sometimes major averages don't tell a story of what is going on wall street. right now down a tenth of a percent, and the nasdaq a gain of three points. you are right on, lot going on. merger monday, earnings season underway. many banks coming out with their numbers, so they will be in focus throughout this week. the 10-year bond yield 2.84% right before the job number hovering around 3%. remaining lower here. also wha would also be watching? let's take a look at beans in particular. japanese companies, family-owned drinks company moving in taking over jim beam. 25% premium from friday's close. the stock jumped to a n
is just waking up in hollywood after a wild night at the golden globes. the winners, the losers and highlights coming up in the fox 411. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! jenna: call for bunch of kids on their way to school this morning in tampa, florida, when their bud suddenly caught fire. the driver noticed smoke and called 911. there were roughly 60 kids on board and everyone got o
? bill clinton, ronald reagan from california and hollywood. so the question i have for 2016 is can either party nominate someone who is not kind of inherently or culturally from their own corner of the country. and on the republican side, i think what's so dangerous for democrats is that there are republicans from blue states in the mix whether it's a scott walker or a chris christie who are legitimate contenders for the nomination whereas i think hillary clinton for better or worse is now perceived as a new yorker more than someone from arkansas. and democrats don't really have a bench of red state -- >> [inaudible] >> -- who are kind of in the mix right now. >> right. >> although, you know, i think that's a challenge, is to keep alive that farm team in states where democrats don't typically win senate or at the presidential level these days so that they do have a bench of people who can reach across the rest of the country. >> why don't you take one more. yes, sir. >> while there's so much polarization in the national legislature, state legislatures -- [inaudible] would like the
. hollywood's leading lights have been out in force for the award season. the golden globes were happened out in a glittering ceremony in los angeles. we report the night's big winners. >> welcome to the 71st annual golden globe awards. >> reporter: the first winners of the night were amy poehler and teetina fey. >> matthew m mc mcconaughy had a fabulous year. for his film he lost 45 pounds or what actresses call making a movie. >> i want to live. >> one of the most coveted awards the best film drama went to steve mcqueen's pre-civil war slavery in "is 12 years a slave." in "blue jasmine," a rags to riches whose world false apart. the best foreign film was the celebration of beauty. >> over all american hustle came out on top with three awards including the best comedy film. amy adams got the best actress award fo and jennifer lawrence n the best supporting actress award. >> thank you to my family and my team. i'm sorry i'm shaking so much. this is so scary. >> so with american hustle winning best comedy, and 12 years a slave best drama the two are front runners for the oscars in march. >> ju
. >> it is official, hollywood's awards show season is in full swing and the best stars of tv and film came together last night. while some familiar faces did win, there were a few surprises, as well. >> american dream. >> and the golden globe goes to "american hustle." >> the star-studded throwback to the '70s was the night's biggest winner taking globes for best comedic film, best actress for amy adams and best supporting actress for jennifer lawrence. >> meanwhile, "12 years a slave" increased its buzz by winning best dramatic film. the night's two best actors awards went to leonardo dicaprio. >> never would've guessed i would win for best actor in a comedy. >> and an ecstatic matthew mcconaughey whose speech was anything but dazed and confused. >> all right. all right. all right. >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. it's a story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> and as expected tina fey and amy poehler brought their a-game. >> you want to live with your father? >> i can't. you won't tell me who he is! >> w
picture drama, "12 years a slave." >> all right, all right. >> thank you so much, hollywood foreign press. >> do people at home hear this music, or do they suddenly think it's getting really fast because you're having a panic attack. >> -- saying good-bye to former prime minister ariel sharon. >> i have one thing i'd like to do, reach deep. >> first, target now neiman marcus. >> and reports that three other retail outlets were also hacked. >> it is a touchdown. >> the 49ers three straight championship game appearances. >> the broncos win it. next sunday brady and manning next week for the championship. >> it was how soon can i get a bud lite in my mouth. >> it's one thing to tell the truth that you support him. it's another to work at making them believe that their sacrifice is worth it. >> on "cbs this morning." >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >>> this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. >>> welcome t
globes. of hollywood's biggest farce on inhabited. that i'm going to go up there in texas that no matter whose name is called. >>: i feel good. once inside both tina fe and amy polar didn't hold nothing back. >>: it's the story of how george colony would rather fly away into space and guidance and one more minute for the one in his own age. poehler even wore a wig into the wild antics into the crowd. it was a night full of nerve wracking wins. and i'm as nervous as anyone else and tipsy star speeches. that i have a few boxes under my belt. >>: best miniseries when jacqueline the set so the time of the landing minute walk up and a bazaar to one- half minute speech. and i still like mild weather has just mother she said go to hell don't go back. the infectious jennifer lawrence won best secured best supporting actress. leonardo the capital left to wonder for his role and will fall on wall street. -judge wolf of wall street. but i never went so i can't believe i won. >>: the three our show who was also a prime farewell to breaking that. taking home best actor and tv series for it to last se
'm shaking so much. don't ever do this again. >> a huge golden night for hollywood. "american hustle" and "12 years a slave" big winners. taking top prizes. tina and amy leaving everyone laughing, even get bono in on the joke. >> lara backstage with the a-listers for some selfies and answering your big questions. all the red carpet standouts and the sizzling amy for a dazzling cate. complete behind the scenes action this morning on -- >> good morning, america. >>> very nice of cate blanchett to do that for us. >> yes. >> good morning, america. hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful weekend. what a scene on the red carpet. the big stars there for the night filled with surprises. and sizzling fashion. including kerry washington. there she is. yes, it is official. it is official. >> she looks fantastic. >> way to make the debut. >> looked stunning. perfection. a big night for "american hustle," also "12 years a slave." also matthew mcconaughey winning major acting awards. lara, we loved seeing those selfies. >> the selfies were great. thank you, george. everyone was so down to play along. i lov
during the break, john, i mean they can laugh it up in hollywood, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. >> it really isn't. i was thinking that's a nice extension because this disappearing picture thing isn't probably going to last forever. some of the news today kind of underscored that for me, groupon buying what's it called -- >> fashion flash. >> yeah. which raised $112 million, sold for $43 million. so what's interesting to me about this landscape is you've had fab and guilt group, both these kind of flash design fashion sites that have had to retrench because they try today grow too fast. then you've had groupon and living social, these local flash sites also having to retrench. groupon's trying to gobble up a fashion site, extend its brand. but these were so hot a couple years ago and now they're kind of fighting for survival. >> yeah. and obviously companies much different size but it does bring to mind sort of the debate about valuation of a twitter. at goldman today after a series of sell ratings in the past couple weeks, goldman says we're going to keep our bu
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-- hollywood foreign press honored woody allen but his son with actress mia sent out a tweet knocking his father saying and i quote, "missed the woody am listen tribute did he put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7." the adopted daughter accused allen of molesting her and he denied wrongdoing. stay with the only news for continuing coverage on the golden globes. we will re-cap all of the last night's big winners and at 7:00, "good morning america" will be live from hollywood with the complete wrap of the show. >> the new incoming boss kicked off a detroit auto show first appearance before the reporters got more attention than the new pick medium truck she was rolling out. she hopes the electrical engineering background will encourage more young people to study science, technology, engineering and math. she is down playing the significance of being the first woman c.e.o. at g.m. >> i started here 33 years ago and had no idea i would play this role. this is a strong message, hard work pays off. >>> mike joins us with sprinkles over the weekend but that seems
night the victories from the golden globes and hollywood. paul vercammen has more on the winners of from the ceremony and a red carpet. >>: the same for the golden globes through the house so good news for bad and a brand of comedy has a great night. golden globes host amy poulter and tina face started hollywood awards season by blasting off. >>: gravity is nominated for best film it's the story of how george colony would rather float away into space and die to spend one more minute with a woman at his own age. >>: gravity did when best, agreed that award went to 12 years of slate. while american household won best comedy and its star amy adams took this award for best actress in a comedy. she thanked director james that judge james o. russell permimatthew mcmahon had grabbed the golden globe for best actor in trouble with the dallas fires club. >>: all rights all right all right. this is unexpected. >>: on the tv side john hill and mark kohlrabi have an awkward moment presenting the best comedy. >>: right now that put the wrong stuff on the teleprompter. >>: the award went to a freshman
rachel's performance in part two of the two night season premier to see if she is moving on to hollywood. >>> 6:27. more concerns over the bolts on the new bay bridge. how much cal tran says it expects to spend on just keeping an eye on the bolts and why that number could grow. >>> the 49ers are headed to the nfc championship game in seattle this sunday. but fans that want to watch that game in person against the sea hawks might find it tough getting their hands on a ticket. we'll tell you why coming up. >>> a live look at the san mateo bridge as the traffic is moving very well. we do have an accident in hayward to let you know about coming up. >>> we had a little system on saturday i know. not much there. but its now time for another pal tern change. you can guess what it is. it will be dry and warm. i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks. great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! explore more, and save up to 25% on select nights at a disneyland resort hotel. there's
's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> well, time for today's takeaway. it's another hollywood tale based on real-life politics. "american hustle" scored three golden globes. it was inspired by the fbi operation abscan. that was a 1970s sting operation where fbi agents posed as middle eastern businessmen. the amazing thing, politicians fell for this thing. convicted con artist mel wineburg worked with john good and tony amarosso. you can see the different ways they've done it here. new jersey just approved gambling so wineburg created a fake company and served as the go between, offering bribes for gaming licenses and politicians working to accept them. well, the fbi targeted 31 officials and ended up convicting 19, including a big one, a new jersey democratic senator by the name of harrison williams seen here. six congressmen and the mayor of camden, new jersey, also got nabbed. only one lawmaker, larry pres her, flat out refused to take the bribe. prior to abscam, ten congressmen were. it was considered a success despite the controversy and weinberg avoided a three-year prison sen
, fin de semana de mucha actividad. crucial para los 49 y para hollywood, los premios globos de oro resaltaron lo que podrÍa volver a lucirse con un oscar, la gente estÁ con el rojo y dorado, estamos a un juego de posiblemente llegar al sÚper tazÓn. >>> tenÍa que salir de casa, salÍa,
. thousands protest in bangkok, the latest move in their push to oust the prime minister. hollywood awards season gets into full swing with the golden globes. let's get the inside scoop on the big winners and losers. also coming up this hour, bad news for man u fans. their midfielder has banged up his knee. we will look at the personal and political fallout from resident francois hollande's rumored affair with -- from president francois hollande's rumored affair. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is continuing his diplomatic push on syria. he met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov today. talksre pushing for peace to take place between the government and opposition later this month in geneva. john kerry just gave a press conference at the u.s. embassy in paris alongside the russian foreign minister. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire, maybe a localized cease-fire beginning with aleppo. both of us have agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. has alreadyon agreed that if the assad regime were willing to declare that, they wou
and raising new questions about super storm sandy. >> award season is underway in hollywood: the big winners at golden globes. >> the[dad] [lau [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo. to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >>> this is abc7 news. >>> new jersey governor, chris christie is ifment water as federal officials investigate whether he improperly used super storm sandy relief to produce tourism ads with his family. sources say subpoenas could be served to the aides by today. he fired the top aide who gave the go ahead to shut down lanes to the george washington bridge in september and caught ties tis with a top campaign advisor and denied prior knowledge of the closing. >> a southwest airlines jet that landed at t
the ability to live for decades, regenerating new affected hiv cells. >> reporter: it is hollywood's award season, find out who came out big winner, i am terry akita, the story coming up. >> it wasn't all glamor there, a little bit of mess too, what created a mess on the red carpet. ,,,,,, [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal. so we made our own commercial to tell you why. first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex! [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. wardrobe malfunctions at aw shows... not this time. apparently a fire sprinkler malfunctioned... causing th soggy mess on the red carpe hours before the golden glos last night. fortunately crews were able >>> well typically we hear about wardrobe mal fu
minister. hollywood awards season gets into full swing with the golden globes. let's get the inside scoop on the big winners and losers.
together for nine years. >>> a big night for the hottest players in hollywood. the golden globes handed out to the best on the big and small screen. >> leading the pack, "american hustle." it picked up three awards. brandi hitt with more on the night's big wins. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. "12 years a slave" took home the big award of the night, best motion picture drama. but it was "american hustle" that won the most awards, thanks to its leading ladies. hollywood's golden night kicked off with a big win for jennifer lawrence as best supporting actress in a motion picture. >> "american hustle." >> reporter: "american hustle" won best motion picture comedy or musical. amy adams won best actress for her role in the film. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: best tv series drama went to -- >> "breaking bad" amc. >> reporter: with bryan cranston taking home the best actor category. tina fey and amy poehler hosted again. they got a lot of laughs. >> "gravity is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die rather than spend
of a brush? sound like magic? then keep watching, because hollywood's hottest
. louis and sunshine in denver as well. seattle, rain, with a high of 53. >>> hollywood award season kicked off last night. teri okita has the big winners at the 71st annual golden globe awards in beverly hills. >> and the golden globe goes to amy adams in "american hustle." >> reporter: it was a big night for "american hustle." amy adams and jennifer lawrence won best actress and best supporting actress for their roles in the con artist flick which also won best motion picture, comedy, or musical. >> i'm sorry i'm shaking so much. don't ever do this again. it's so scary. >> reporter: "12 years of slave" was the best drama. kate blanchette was named best actress in her starring role in woody harrelson's drama, "blue jasmine." "the wolf of wall street's" leo dicaprio also went home a winner. >> thank you for allowing me to stalk you into making this mo e movie. >> reporter: matthew mcconaughey and jeremy le toe won top honors in their roles in "drama club." of course, these awards aren't just about the silver screen. it was a big night for television too. "breaking bad" star bryan cr
globe awards. to see who the hollywood foreign press association voted the best of the best. the best drama award went to "12 years a slave." while "american hustle" won best comedy movie, and its star amy adams took home best actress in a comedy. matthew mcconaughey took home the golden globe for best actor in a drama for the dallas buyers club. the best t-v comedy award went to freshman comedy brooklyn nine-nine. and its star, andy samburg, won best t-v actor. and breaking bad cleaned up after wrapping up its final season. winning best t-v drama. leading man bryan cranston drama. >> "lone survivor" was victorious at the weekend box office. the navy seal drama starring mark wahlberg, taylor kitsch and emile hirsch earned $38.5 million in its first weekend in wide release, according to studio estimates sunday. disney's "frozen" stayed cool in the no. 2 spot in its eighth weekend, earning $15 million and brining its domestic total to $317 million. and paramount's controversial "the wolf of wall street" scored no. 3 in its third weekend with $9 million for a total haul of $78.6 million.
. people are loving that they called matt damon the garbage man. i've been telling you guys, the hollywood foreign press loves to shock. some of the night's winners left many of us saying whoa. hollywood's biggest stars uninhibited. >> i'm going to go up there and take that statue no matter what name is called. >> and mega watt energy turned up the red carpet. >> i feel good. >> once inside, tina fey and amy pohler didn't hold nothing back. >> it's the story of how george clean would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> pohler even donned a wig and took her wild antics into the crowd. it was a night full of nerve racking wins. >> i'm as nervous as everybody else. >> and tipsy star speeches. >> have i a few vodkas under my belt. okay. >> best mini series actress jacqueline bisset stole the stage with a bizarre two and a half minute speech. >> i said like my mother, what did she used to say, go to hell and don't come back. >> jennifer lawrence won best supporting actress for her role in "american hustle." >> i'm sorry i'm shaking so muc
night? >> hollywood does two things really well. one is give out awards and the other is to themselves, and the other is to throw parties and last night they did both really well. it was a big night for fox on the tv side. ""brooklyn nine-nine" won. it stars amy sandberg. also on tv, jon voigt for ray donovan, breting out his -- beating out his colleagues in "breaking bad." we talked to him on the red carpet. he says his best to you guy asks all at fox news. i loved his acceptance speech because it was humble and even oscar winners get nervous. i think we have a clip. >> i'm so grateful to the hollywood foreign press for this great honor and i'm truly humble ed, mark gordon -- i'm as nervous as everybody else. what happens? >> it was a great moment. in terms of movies, this has been such an amazing year for film, very competitive. another big win for fox. "12 years a slave" took home best movie. they seemed to spread it around a little bit. director went to "gravity." best screen play went to spike jonze in "her." one of the big stories i thought was ""dallas buyer's club"". he focused
in 1 super fiber. ♪ that's why god that's why god made music ♪ >>> the hollywood award season kicked off last night with the golden globes awarded by foreign press association. and although they honor movies and tv for now we're just sticking with their top film awards. for best drama, "12 years a slave." for best comedy "american hustle" and for acting in a drama, matthew mcconaughey. and cate blanchett for "blue jasmine." acting in a comedy lee nando dicaprio for "wolf of wall street." good morning. >> good morning. >> okay. what was the biggest surprise of last night? >> nobody expected matthew mcconaughey to take home best actor. he was wonderful. obviously, the film has been critically beloved, but this is supposed to be chiwetel's year. he was obvious in the film, critically beloved. it was interesting to see someone else's name get called. >> there were some other surprises. people not expecting to be the winner, not having acceptance speeches prepared. talk about the best of those. >> when amy poehler's name was called for "parks and recreation" and andy samberg for "brooklyn
this is hollywood and if something kind of works, they will just keep doing it until everybody hates it. merril streep, so brilliant in "osage county" proving there are still great parts for merril streep's over 60. amy poehler is nominated for hearse work "parks and recreation." >> i believe amy is here tonight. can we get a shot of her? she looks fantastic. >> she looks amazing. >> wow. bradley cooper is here, star of "american hustle." interesting trivia. the original title of that movie was explosion at the wig factory. gravity is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age! >> welcome back to ""morning joe." mark halpern is still with us. wow. joining us is the last word, lawrence o'donnell. >> can we just make it permanent? >> cosign, yes. >> absolutely. i love them. >> and everything else really. >> i would throw more -- >> america's award show hosts. >> exactly. two women. >>> in washington, nbc news chief white house corinth, chuck todd. lawrence, we will get you to chime in
are hosting the golden globes for a second time because this is hollywood. if something kind of works, they will keep doing it until everybody hates it. >> meryl streep is so brilliant in august osage county. proving there are still great parts in hollywood for meryl streep, over 60. amy poehler is nominated for her work on "parks and recreation." >> i believe amy is here tonight. can we get a shot of her? >> she looks fantastic. she looks amazing. >> wow, bradley cooper is here, star of "american hustle." >> interesting trivia. the original title of that movie was "explosion at the wig factory." >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> they were so good. the 71st annual golden globes held last night in los angeles. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that meryl streep holds the record for the most nominations with a total of 28 with jack lemmon behind her with 22. the film, "one blew over the cuckoo's nest" is the only film to win in all fi
for us in washington. thank you. >>> hollywood kicking off award season with the golden globes. this year the show promised lots of laughs from host tina fey and amy polar. did they deliver? we have the best moments and big winners. they we >> they were doing the hustle all night in hollywood. >> and the golden globe goes to "american hustle." >> it stars amy adams and jennifer lawrence who also won for their roles in the film. the biggest was "12 years as a play" and in television "breaking bad" finally made good. they won their first golden globe. it's star also won for best actor. former "saturday night live" alum tina fey and amy polar shined. >> it is nominated for best film starring how george clooney would rather float away in space and die rather than spend one more moment with a woman his own age. >> and one of the most pizza czar mo bizarre moments an ak stress tod stood on stage for several minutes before accepting her own award. midway through her speech the producers tried to play her off but she kept on rambling. taylor swift, reese witherspoon were some of the best dressed
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